Friday, June 22, 2007

1 day, 1 moment

24 hours ago-- aiya...still sleeping la... zZz
19 hours ago-- woke up d lo, need 2 go 2 sch d, cant late!!
16 hours ago-- in sch d... having PA, de lesson jz boring, fell asleep d... zZz
14 hours ago-- having 2nd phase breakfast in canteen... dat time so hungry, so bought de economical rice 2 eat
11 hours ago-- oOO!! sch ends... zoom 2 home!!!
9 hours ago-- on9-ing lo... searching de songs 4 my fren...DAMN! de computer progressing damn slow!! ToT
7 hours ago-- having physic tutor... 2day late 2 tuition class again
6 hours ago-- jz after tuition, on de way 2 shu xuan 2 poison books!! wakakaka~
5 hours ago-- DE GOLDEN MOMENT OF 2DAY; I MET WIV THENG KUANG( sry no offend) !!!! long time no c d, since he jz flied 2 aussie 1 year+++ ago... n nw he's having his winter hols...hahaha!!! we wanna having a gud chat but he gonna leave since he was busy at dat time...nvm, we'll meet again!! ^^
4.30 hours ago-- cant memorize all de facts from silberberg...ARGH!! m i 2 excited?? hey hey you wei, dun u kinda sober while facing any big stories?? how cum dis time can b lost focus lk dis?? hmmm, m i too excited?? coz y?? hmmm let me analyze: 30% came from met wiv old frens, 30% came from a bit famishing, 30% came from i got poor memory, de 10% percentage left, coz of other facts la, aiks... nvm, going bac soon, dun worry...
3.30 til 30 mins ago-- discussing wiv my mui... GAMBATEH MUI!! SURE WIN!!
25 mins ago-- said tata 2 my mui lo...
20 mins ago-- chattin lo
15 mins ago-- surfing website lo...looking 4 updates...
10 mins ago-- writin dis blog lo
5 mins ago-- writin dis blog lo
nw-- recalling bac de pathways of 2day
nw-- a bit sleepy


60 seconds over--
60 mins over--
12 hours over--
24 hours over...

WAT WILL U DO???! ^^


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