Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sum Thoughts; Basketball,frenship n photo albums,fulled wiv memories...

2day...Gonna woke up earlier. After brushed my teeth, "...Oooo,ooo...bcoz of U..." My hp ringing.I walked out 2 de living room 2 answer hp.A missed call,from Kah Wah.
"Looks lk they jz arrived," I thought. "Wei ar, U huh, alwiz need ppl 2 wait 4 U wan..." My dad said. Haha, my dad is lk dat. "Nx time huh, if U still dun wan 2 change dis attitude, U might hard 2 get a job in future wan, bla bla bla..." My dad was rite,but...

"DAD~!! GIV ME A BREAK!" aiks...OS in my mind. =P
After receiving de call, i quickly rushed downstairs 2 de basketball court down my flat. They were at there,waiting 4 me."Aiks, I'm late,again..." (Sry la pal) i tink they get used 2 me d, alwiz b late.
Playing basketball... hmmm, 1 word:"JESUS!!!" My skill bcum even worse compare 2 few months ago... Will it coz of de court covered by those canopies??? dunno~ ^.^||

After de game, we sat down n rest. Nw, I can c, both of us (excluding Hong Yuh coz he's de oni 1 among us we jz noe when secondary) Khay Chuan, Kah Wah, Khay Hoe (KC's younger brother) , Hong Chin ( he's adsent 2day) n me, we oledi noe each other since primary. We go 2 sch 2gether, play 2gether, hw 2gether, suffer during exam 2gether... lotz... Dunno dis memorable period will stay even longer? Dunno we still able 2 meet again after 10 year, 20 years, or even 50 years ( if we havnt 'fly' yet)? Not jz us, ppl around U, try 2 tink, we r lucky dat we able 2 meet 2gether in dis world,among 6000000000+++ (if not mistaken) ppl in dis world, dun U tink dat's hard 2 get?
"ALWIZ CHERISH PPL AROUND U," My frens said. Ya, they r rite. God tried hard 2 tie us up 2gether, me 2 U, U 2 him, him 2 her, actually wat's de purpose He done dis? I blieve dat He jz got 1 thought:
" Relationships between humans able 2 create miracles, coz they r unique." N He, blieves 2 dat unique. ^^
Dis noon, I met wiv an incident dats out of my expectation. A fren, sign in de MSN, n tell me dat not 2 giv up in acedemics. WEIRD, rite? I alwiz met her in sch, n I wont tink dat she is de person who will tell ppl dis kind of thoughts... hmmm, i wondered, den i asked her, lk wat will U expect 2 do wiv.
"Ppl will change, dun we? "She said.

Mayb she's rite.Mayb.

I'm still tried 2 cumtomize my blog ( I want my blog nice n useful!!) I search around my com 2 find a suitable pic 4 me 2 decorate my blog. My Computer, I clicked, My Computer>Local D> My Picture. Suddenly I found my photo album, abt my life,my photos, or photos i took b4 ( photos i took more than i'm de person in de photo coz i prefer 2 b a photographer but not de person inside de photo). Actually dats de photos since few months ago, dats after I changed my hp(I use hp 2 take de pic). They r so memorable!!! Got pic wiv camping, Gary Cao Ge Concert, First Aid Course, Canoeing... Nw they jz left inside de albums. They were past tense. Den where is present tense? N where is future tense? He will noe.
Here r sum pics( still got sum I havnt take from frens)

This was de pic I took when form 5...KAS CLHS RULEZ~!

This pic was taken during form 5 class...Hey 5SB4 gangs out there, can U hear me?

These were sum pics from form 6...It shud b remarkable...

This was taken during de camping in sch.

These took when we were having de First Aid Course...Everybody enjoyed it~!

These pic we took after de cross-country run CLHS. Having our lunch at Seoul Garden.Yosh~! Say cheese~!

N lastly,
pic by 2day~!
(sry unable 2 upload)

(p.s 1: I able 2 drive my dad's car coz I was P-LICENSE-FREE~!)
(p.s 2: I will upload more abt canoeing soon. ^^)
(p.s 3: Put, I did it as U wan 2 c~: My blog even longer by 2day.)


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