Saturday, June 9, 2007

My first tag...Being Tagged By Put~zZz

Being tagged last nite. zZz... Well, I will do my best...

Layer One: On De Outside
Name: Hoy You Wei (no problem wiv dis gua...)
D.O.B: 4th of Oct year 1988
Current Status: S&A la...
Eyes' Colour: black,but mostly brown (an asian shud b lk dat)
Hair Colour: black...cant dye it since i'm in form 6
Righty or Lefty: none of them, coz both hands i oso can use,wiv specific purposes

Layer Two: On De Inside
Your Heritage: Malaysian Born Chinese
Your Fears: when I lost my confidence
Your Weaknesses
: HAHA! no doubt. 'weakness' in plural form, which means dat can listed out: LAZINESS, LATE KING(alwiz 1), ARROGANCE, PERSISTENT,4GETFUL,CURIOSITY,MY MOUTH(which is sources of all de evil stuffs),ZZZ...
Your Perfect Pizza: I seldom eat pizza wan... er, probably I will choose 4 pizza without cheese wan...I DISLK CHEESE!!!

Layer Three: Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: DAMN! sum1 jz shut de alarm clock up!
Your Bedtime: er... 12 while sch days, mayb 1 or 2 while weekend or holidays.
Your Most Missed Memory: hmmm, de moments when I can feel de "feel", no matter in urban, forest, seaside, house, or alone, or in groups.

Layer Four: Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke: both oso lk, but 4 thirsty purpose, I prefer mineral water =P
McDonald's or Burger King: I never tried 4 Burger King b4 wor... so I will choose 4 McD la
Single or Group Dates: both oso can, depending de mood n feel
Adidas or Nike: I prefer Nike, kekekekez
Tea or Nestea: wateva la, got wat drink wat, dun hiam
Chocolate or Vanilla: I luv Choco... YAM YAM~!
Cappucino or Coffee: I dislk coffee, but I seldom drink cappucino oso, zZz (but i luv LaTte~!)

Layer Five: Do You...
Smoke: definately not! I hate smoke, but frens leh, permitted wiv conditions applied; mz smoke at opened air space, mz not face 2 me,...
Curse: I got ler, if "walao eh" is a curse +.+'
Take a Shower: Sure I will! especially in hot days~
Think You've Been In Love: 1 day will
Go To Sch: hey~! I'm gud student wat, lolz...
Want To Get Married: after everything has fine, I tink around 30 gua...
Believe In Yourself: I alwiz blieve 2 myself, but when de time I lost my confidence, its hard 2 recover, n it definately wont coz by single method, but every bad moments I met b4 came 2gether, makes me fall in2 darkness...(looks lk very serious huh??zZz)
Think You're Health Freak: of coz not!! I got daily sneezing, easy catch a cold, headache+fever(mostly cum in same time), gastric, indigestion(especially b4 de exam, alwiz kena wan), injuries of my backbones... but i'm still in pink of health, so no worries! kekekeke... =P

Layer Six: In The Past Month
Drank Alcohol: WONT! 1 of de "NO" in my life. (but excluding de wine or food wiv wine cooked)
Eaten Sushi: yup, brought from stall downstairs during pasar malam
Dyed Your Hair: never tried dis b4... hair so short dye 4 wat leh?? haiz...

Layer Seven: Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game: aiyo, kena 4 N times d lo, sien lo, everytime I oso kena wan... zZz
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: er... as smart as Sinichi Kudo, as justified as 包公, as determinant as Naruto,as... stop day-dreaming la! I tink I prefer being myself, but I shud learn from them, instead of improving myself...mostly being ourselves is betta, in learn from others everytime 2 suit de conditions required.

Layer Eight: Age
You're Hoping To Be Married: kindly refer to upstairs la...
For a: simple n more perfect life la... everyday can kiss my wife b4 go out 2 work, can fetch my children 2 sch, can focus more 2 my career, can having a dinner wiv my family after working, at nite can share my time wiv my family members... simple rite?

Layer Nine: In A Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour:
Best Hair Colour:
Long Hair or Short Hair:
(I dun mind wats de colour of eyes, hair or even long hair or short hair, no matter wat he/she looks, as long as its nice, looks natural n suit 2 him/her can d.but 4 gals, de hair dun wan as short as GI la of coz, zZzzz finished de 3 questions above in 1 sentence)

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: drink sum water, very thirsty
I Hour Ago: having my lunch lo, eat my peanuts lo, watching TV lo, on9 lo, completing dis tag lo...
4.5 Hours Ago: having tuition class at WOO lo, listening mp3 while he was teaching infront, crap wiv my frens lo
1 Month Ago: OMG!!!!!!!!!! EXAM!!!!!!!!! gai la gai la gai la... die liao la die liao la die liao la... never touch my books yet!!! need 2 go where 2 study ar??? die liao la die liao la~
1 Year Ago: fresh meat in form 6... still blur blur 2 my future...still honeymoon mood ler... n feel "swt" dat meet my "kae mak"( ppl called wan)... again

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I Love: everyone dat shud b loved n care wiv... I luv 2 b a photographer!! coz I blieve dat de photographer is de 1 will giv de happiness 2 de person in photo, not de person bhind him/her. zZz
I Feel: replete nw... coz jz finished eating dinner... OMG!! stomache getting bigger nw!! need 2 kam fei (cantonese) liao... zZz but sleep first =P
I Hate: ppl who dunno how 2 respect de humanity!! I'm anti-annoying oso, who disturb me from mornig til nite... Cant 4giv dat!!!
I hide: my thoughts n true feelings... luv 2 b mystery n unpredictable person =.=
I miss: my form 5 life... or de form 6 life dat will end soon...
I need: restrict 2 LAZINESS!!! no cure d... haiz...

Layer Twelve: Tag Five People

  1. Kean Hwa (is U!!!!! I wanna tag U!!! wakakakaka~)
  2. Xu Wen ( I wondered wats rolling in my twin's mind)
  3. Chong Wei
  4. Cheng Kee
  5. Yee Sheng ( U r free d ma~ so ma let U exercise lo~ ^^)
(I greedy a bit i wanna tag 4 another 5 ppl more:)
  1. Sing Yong
  2. Christine Mooi
  3. Ter Yi
  4. Wai Che
  5. Kah Boon
De 10 ppl above, after receiving de "angpau" from me, enjoy urselves la ^^

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