Friday, June 8, 2007

A "Brilliant" Opponent + A "Yeah" Uncle

De war between me n virus in com oledi fell in2 forth days. My Local D was attacked by viruses few days ago. All my antiviruses system cant b used. My com ran in damn low space. Which means dat, my com functioned very very very slow... zZz... Even my frens oso cant stand wiv it~
"Waliu! Ur com such slow u still eh tong ar?" they said.
" O, I fell asleep while I wait lo.Then when I woke up I saw de new event, I click on it den I continue 2 sleep lo," I replied.

... ...

Bac 2 de main topic 2day. 2day i tried 2 search sum antivirus programmes 2 download it in2 my com.I surf 4, den i search 4 de antivirus programme by search bar. (wanna noe de reason eh refer bac 2 second sentence first paragraph) When I finished key in de word 'antivirus' den i click enter. Suddenly de webpage window jz closed! I shocked, but soon i get bac 2 normal n started 2 open a new window n surf 4 again. I repeated de steps jz nw n click enter again. "Poof" de window closed again! Weird! Nvm, I told myself, again, i search 4 antivirus thru google. Once i click enter, de window... dun need 2 mention again la coz u all noe d wat will happen nx. Jesus! Wats wrong 2 de com 2day? How can dis happening? I tried 2 open other website n testing, they all functioned very well,but since i came bac 2 search 4 antivirus, de window popped out again. Lolz, last time those viruses terminated all de actions i took thru de antivirus n my antivirus all cant b used as usual. Aiks. BRILLIANT, dats de oni word dat i can describe my opponents, dats viruses in my com on dat time, kakakakaz. =P But finally, de antivirus still been downloaded n installed successfully coz I install in another hard drive which free from viruses. N nw, my com cum bac 2 work as usual, no more disturbance from "LOW DISK SPACE" ballon. Yipee~

Jz nw I accompanied my sis went 2 Gurney Drive hawker stall 2 hav supper. We called 4 Asam Laksa n Fried Oyster. When we called 4 drinks, de uncle asked,

"any drinks U want?"


"We got..." De uncle started 2 list out wat he had memorized:" Ang Tau Sheng Si Gua Teng Leng Geng Jian Dui...(bla bla bla)... N drinks(since me n my sis still wait 4 him 2 list out all wat he got) we got Qiam Jiap Apple Juice Pappo Kam Jiak...( bla bla bla again coz I even cant catch any drinks follow up nx coz de way he list out was too fast)We 4got 2 clap our hands n yell "bravo" coz our brain still covered wiv a white clothes, n we tried 2 call us bac 2 reality since we found dat we cant took it even longer.

"Uncle," My sis said." I want Si Gua Teng." Den de uncle looked at me, I shaked my hands n de uncle caught wat i meant n jz left from us. Few minutes later, I found myself a bit thirsty den I decided 2 call 4 drinks while de uncle took de Si Gua Teng 2 my sis.

"Uncle, er... Got any drinks?" I asked.

"We got Qiam Jiap Apple Kekhwa Leng Geng Papoo..." " Wait wait wait uncle," I said. " U got Tau Jui(soya)?" Dunno y I would called 4 soya mayb coz of I jz remembered 2 drink soya when i cum 2 here everytime. Den, sumth funny happened.

" Tau Jui ar, lu ka ki ki kio la ~! "( which means dat he want us serve ourselves if we wanna called 4 soya) Lolz! O, I jz realised dat they came from different stall.

... ...

"Den uncle ar, I want Kekhwa la." After de uncle left, me n my sis laughed, cant stopped. I jz realised dat dats wat i called "Mistake".


Dats de stall where owned by dat YEAH uncle...Stall no. 78
Way 2 go uncle!

A scene from Gurney mamak stall there.. Still crowded althrough its oledi 11.30 pm.

One of de attractive signboard there...Woo, APOM~

Fried oyster...

De Soya stall I called 4 drink b4... At stall no.80

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