Thursday, July 5, 2007

greedy minded =.=

i still remember...
last month i went 2 guan yin temple. after i finished praying i took a tour around de temple. i saw beggars gathered at de door side, seeking 4 mercy from de tourist; sum of them r eldest, sum of them r disable, sum jz around 30-40 years old uncle n auntie... haiz~ i sympathized them, so i gav them coins. after i gav 2 de first 1, de others followed him at de bac, lk a group came 2wards me n wan me gav them money 2... 1 left, others will followed up, lk never ends. how i suppose 2 gav them money? i dun hav enuf coins 2 gav 2 them~ so i jz declined them, n they left, sadly.
how cum ppl will lk dat? those beggars c their frens get de money but not them, they will cum 2 beg from u. they wan wat their frens got. i jz gav 2 those really pitiest, but, others, or all those beggars, they r humans, through they jz de unluckiest among us, but they able 2 change their future, how cum they dun do so? disable wont b de biggest impact in life~! de impact which hurt most is de thought 2 giv up! once a person giv up 2 his life, dats no difference wiv a flesh without soul, rite?

bac 2 2day~
2day is singing competition. our class got 14 participants... (waliu! lotz ya singer from our class huh??!!) every1 acting gud 2day, jz they r a bit nervous when try 2 face wiv judges, haiz, wat a waste~ i was giving comment dat my singing style ( i pick 天堂 from 光良) jz 2 classical, as i pull de vocal til very very long~ u noe? lk very very cheong hei in cantonese, haha~! except dis others jz ok. phew. de result will b released nx week. wateva la, i dun mind. but here i whud lk 2 thx 2 all de supportive msgs from my frens n JIN WEI, thx 2 him 4 picking dis song 4 me, n 1 more is LEE MAO~! thx 4 ur advice! i enjoyed my performance 2day very well, jz lk u said 2 me ( actually i oledi enjoy it since i told u dat i got participate in dis performance kekeke~-- which meansdat ur advice jz crapzzz~! dun beat ME!) howeva i still appreciate it coz i kept tinking 2 ur advice b4 de audition-- ENJOY~! thx ! anyway dat jz a beginning n not really 2 feel happy lk dat... still got long way 2 go~ footprints r more important! ^^

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